July 17

do some of the source code download station experience

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now do the webmaster, especially personal webmaster, you can say that the problem with many of the copyright Chinese website industry: movies, music, software, novels and so on, the copyright problem is very serious, a little careless website finished. So I set foot in a relatively loose copyright site type, that is the website source code download station, and now many source code is open source, reproduced release also does not matter.

do at the beginning of source code download station when I on the source station were analysed and found that their resources are a common CMS system in the network can easily find! So I feel what the site is not attractive, if we do this station must stay webmaster, I all go the other way, that is my collection released the source code is a lot of commercial cracked version or some very rare procedure, do the people have me have, people I have


and user interaction, I installed the membership promotion plugin on the website, promotion website access points! Then some particularly good source code using membership points to download, this product is a useful member of the website, also get a good promotion of


, I set up a source communication QQ group: 871469, let source enthusiasts come in to discuss, improve user communication, listen to their ideas and source code questions, but also conducive to the promotion of the site.

update on the website, I usually see a good program collection released on the website, so does not have to be updated regularly, do also have an advantage: the webmaster every day from time to time to look at my station, have not issued a good source code, improve the site stickiness. But there is a premise, every day I will update more than three good source code, to avoid the webmaster to see a few times, no new source code, then will not come.

After the

site itself deal, I was next to the forum, Post Bar to promote my source code, I often go to the A5 forum and the forum is outdated, after I find a good program for the first time and the webmaster to share. Stick it, I generally in the Baidu post bar in the corresponding column to post, reply, and then from time to time to top up, improve my site to the webmaster’s impression!


I think it’s not a problem to keep this up, but my website is now less than 100IP a day. Ha ha, well, share the experience so much, I hope this article and my cool code www.kudaima.com can help you walk smoothly on the webmaster road! Thank you support.

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