July 17

About Mu Changqing and his station navigation

talked about Mou Changqing, as long as it is long removed from in a few big Adsense website and forum friends should know that, even if not familiar with others, should also read his article. Should also have a lot of friends and he did network promotion exchanges.

he and I realized that it was almost a year now. In the course of the year, I helped a lot of people from the network of laymen to half a barrel of water. Teach me a lot of things. To be frank with you, being able to be friends with him is something that many friends who are working on the Internet expect. I can cite a simple example:

today, when I chatted with a group of sports website friends, they talked about Mou Changqing’s new station, "station navigation"". I just by the way "webmaster navigation" new LOGO sent to the group inside. A friend immediately asked me, "this is LOGO of evergreen website."". I replied, "yes."". Because the site’s LOGO is made, many friends have not seen. They asked me about my relationship with Mou Changqing, and I said we were friends. A friend to ask me, you are a network of friends or the reality of friends. I said that we are both network friends, but also in reality friends, because we can often chat together in the network, and now there is very little chance, he only once a year back to Chongqing, home time is not much. A friend’s reply made me feel a sense of pride. He said, "yes, we can make friends with such wonderful people. When will we have a chance?"". Then think, think what he said is not quite right, in fact, mouchangqing were very good, very easygoing, very good friends, as long as it is what friends have asked him for help, he will be very enthusiastic, do what I can to help you. I am a man who often asks him for help. I think everyone should know more about him than I do. After all, we realize that it is less than a year now. I won’t talk about him any more. Let’s talk about the new station mentioned above, "webmaster navigation" it.

talking about "webmaster navigation", as long as it is to know evergreen friends should know this site. Although the site has not been on-line long, but has let many friends fondle admiringly, regards it as the indispensable tool website every day. I’m one of them.

I was on the "WSN- world sports network" website promotion. Every day you have to use a lot of Web data query tools. For example, when talking about the link with other websites, you need to check the PR value of the other website, so use the relevant query tools. Sometimes you get other PR query sites to check the results again. Have to collect more than one query website, has been feeling very troublesome. "ZZDH" on-line, I saved the trouble, it has more than one query address, the first search results are not assured, you can directly open the second, the third query, a lot of convenience.

some time ago to do web site promotion, is to submit our website >

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