July 17

Graphic combination case analysis Taobao store operations

since joining e-commerce to do Taobao operation, often surrounded by friends and some small sellers ask the following questions:

one, what does the operation do?

What does

two need to know about operators?

three, learning operations can read what book?

these three questions, I from the back forward, according to their understanding, first answer.

third: what can I learn from the operation? – Taobao operation is more practical experience accumulation, so far, I have not seen a theoretical system is very suitable for books. Therefore, it is recommended to teach yourself in practice. There’s nothing to learn about it.

second: operators need to have knowledge of what? In my opinion, the best operating personnel need to have a very large knowledge system, promotion skills, marketing planning, interaction design, visual design, user experience, data analysis, as consumer psychology and so on, of course, but also to understand the products.

first: what is the operation? – this problem, I think different teams, different stages of development, the understanding of it is not the same. Broadly speaking, the operation is to solve the following three key issues: flow rate, conversion rate, user viscosity. From a narrow point of view, the operation is to solve the conversion rate and user viscosity two issues. The popular understanding of these three points is as follows:

traffic: bring people to the store,

conversion: let people come in to buy things,

user viscosity: people who have bought things often come to buy



diagram: in addition to defining operations as the solution to three key issues. There is another way of understanding. Operation is to solve the upstream product to downstream customers both end to end problems, so grasp the product, find out customers, become another operation thinking.

The empty talk of

theory is not much to say at first. The following shops are opened by a friend, recently sent me to see, let me give them some suggestions, then I will combine specific shops to talk about what I do Taobao operation of several ideas:

one, traffic,

friends did not give me the store account password, so for traffic analysis their shop will not start, but solve the traffic problem, I can still through my thoughts about what the work breakdown


More than

, the content may be incomplete. Fellow friends can also help me add.

two, conversion rate,

, before analyzing the problem, I’ll list my ideas first

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