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nternet business success nine compulsive advertising is unpopular

in the process of building a new station, often because of lack of experience, made a lot of primary mistakes. Although these mistakes can also play a role in a short period of time, but often lead to the subsequent development of a lot of problems. In this chapter, we will introduce and analyze the mistakes that often occur in the building site, and explain the correct method of site building for reference.

one, take the doctrine of the station is not desirable,

two, the lost publicity website

three, compulsory promotion website is undesirable

four, cheat IP, harmful and unhelpful

five, running false advertising harm set

Detailed information can be more than

to the Internet business success (nine): reading

put false advertising harm to others "

six, forced advertising unpopular

in web advertising, in addition to the phenomenon of false advertising, there are a lot of advertising such as click to download, registration is available to watch advertising and other similar mandatory advertising, such advertising although less harm, but for the long-term development of the site is also very unfavorable. And a lot of stationmaster after putting in this kind of advertisement, but the harm that does not realize to the website completely, so we come to see the compulsive advertisement that often appears in the website.

1. mandatory click advertising offensive

bad habits: download the station click ads, not open ads, you can not download software.

easy time: Adsense want to increase advertising, click on the income period.

bad habits: damage to the user’s browsing experience is great, resulting in the site’s two access rate is very low.

: Weah case playback operation a software download site, put a lot of time due to maintenance, website software is relatively rich, not only every day there are one hundred thousand IP, and two visitors to the site is also very much. But the stability has changed since the launch of an advertisement. The reason is that in a conversation with other webmaster, he learned that there is a "very effective" advertising code, for the download station and its application. Originally, this is a must click on the ads to get JavaScript code software download address, in the code, add wait in the own website backstage modify. Although advertising revenue has improved significantly, but with the use of code, through statistics found that visitors to the site "back rate" is getting lower and lower. In addition, advertising advertisers are looking for on the peak, complaints recently brought almost all the IP is not a valid user, and ready to cancel the advertising plan, the Feng really dumbfounded. It turned out that because of ad clicks, users don’t usually browse, and they usually close the page immediately after clicking……


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