July 17

Me and my large operation and maintenance Communications community

I started doing web work in 06 years. In the past two years, a number of garbage stations have been made, but all have closed down for one reason or another. 06 years, do download station, because of copyright reasons, be net police uncle requirements closed; 07 years, do articles stand, because of Baidu reasons, and closed. Period, but also do site, but all because of their reasons, have closed. Summing up the reasons for the failure to do the station in the past two years, mainly because of their lack of concentration and lack of perseverance.

entered the 08 year and got a promotion at work and began to get busy. At the same time, in doing the station, because of many failures, I feel tired, I can’t lift up and do the station seriously. I have rested for half a year. Although rested, but in did not stand this time, I basically pay attention to Admin5 and the backwardness every one or two days. I found that I am very passionate about doing this job. I can’t do without the station master. Although there is a stable job, it is enough to live comfortably. But I have a dream, I hope one day, can no longer work time constraints, when tired, can sleep for two days and two nights, and when I have a good idea, working continuously for a week. You don’t have to wake up in your sleep. (for work, I have 3 cell phones and must be switched on at 24 hours). I hope I can take my family to Taishan and take my son to travel around the world. More importantly, I can do my favorite job as a webmaster.

began thinking about making another web site in July. Then, choose their own familiar with the industry, do a familiar site, tired of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, at the same time, the test is convenient filter maintenance, and then do a forum: maintenance communication forum. Communication, operation and maintenance, is a huge group, but dedicated to do this piece, basically not yet.

program hung up, and sent a few articles, colleagues wrote, unique in the internet. After the completion of the regular communication forum on their signature hang up links, on the trip to the field. The first two days back, a look, actually all search engines have included. So the Internet to find a related article, slightly modified, added to their site, sent to a hot communication forum, the unexpected, are recommended, day to more than 100 registered users, posting more than 130 posts. Ecstatic, intends to find the article again a few hot forums, and then send a hair. Here you leave a web site for your reference: about to leave the old staff of labor services to new employees http://s.www.txrjy.com/viewthread.php tid=278732


the next step, plans to find the national counterparts in the address book, through email invited everyone to communicate. I don’t know how it works. I haven’t done any forums before, but I have to try everything. Hope BBS expert guidance.

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