July 17

LZCMS on matters related to how Fanghei chain

site security issues, has been that we should pay attention to small and medium-sized webmaster, but usually you pay attention to it?. For example, some people dedicated to other people’s Web site black chain, in order to prevent these air defense black chain, today I will talk about what should pay attention to at ordinary times.

one, check the site’s source file

these black chains are placed on your website, and you can view the source files of the web page by looking at the following source files through the browser. Your own web site, for some of the following web site should be more familiar with the chain, if found unfamiliar links, mostly is put black chain people put. Then you have to pay attention.

two, often see the file generation time

if your web site is a dynamic web site, the file should not, you must pay attention to the generation time check file, for example, you are number 1.21 to upload a file, if the time is now changed to the present time, it is possible to let people move the hands and feet. At this point, you’d better check the file to see if there is a black chain.

, if your site is the whole station to generate static, this you usually check the generated home page files, if you do not generate a day, or time is now, you have to pay attention to. In this case, most of the people who put the black chain through the site of bug access, directly into the background to canada.

three, often change the user and password FTP

put some black chain is placed into the blasting through your FTP, then we should pay attention to the user FTP and password change often, change the security, don’t wait for a problem to want to change the password.

four, check the server’s Web site source file

if you have black links, you check the other station on the same server, if other stations also have black links, this is only one possibility is that the server has bug, you’d better let the space to handle it, so safe. Is not a black link, a look at the know, if a normal webmaster is impossible to put a lot of black links on their website, there is only one possibility is that others placed.

to sum up, we small and medium-sized webmaster, usually pay more attention to the details of the site, you can avoid some unnecessary things found, in fact, is very value. If people give you to put a lot of black chain, it is possible that your site has been the major search engines to K, and then will regret late. Here, I wish you all luck in the new year. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website: http://s.www.luzhuba.cn.

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