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Analysis of coffee machine industry enterprise station navigation how to optimize it

talked about the optimization of a website that many webmaster friends all know the framework of a website is the optimization of a base station, just before the construction of a edifice must have a solid foundation from which believe that the importance of each webmaster friends should know a website architecture about the optimization design of the navigation structure, site structure optimization and one of them is a website, so how do the optimization design of the navigation structure design? The author will to the optimization of an enterprise on the sale of coffee machine station navigation to explain to some novice webmaster some inspiration.

one. Navigation design should be clear and clear,

The design of a

site navigation to clear to stand in the perspective of the user experience to design navigation, to facilitate the users the first time will be able to find products they need as shown in figure 1. the optimization of an enterprise on the sale of coffee machine station navigation design.


navigation from the above point of view is very clear from the navigation users quickly find the demand, such as a user enters a website he wants to buy "household coffee machine", the user can easily find the navigation in the household coffee machine click on this page shows the products are household coffee machine this product is very convenient for users to search and navigation, and the former design of navigation is so general as shown in figure 2:


navigation from Figure 2 and figure 1 that distinct required for such as users from Figure 2 navigation to choose to buy products "coffee machine" the user must first find the ultimate purpose of products "to click into the column to reach the user, as shown in Figure 1 can more navigation convenient for users to find the desired product, by comparing the above figure 1 and Figure 2 we can see which one navigation design is more conducive to the user experience.

two. Navigation design, home page should not be named by keyword

many webmaster friends know the weight of the home page is also one of the highest in the website according to the spider crawling path from left to right so some owners in the design of the home page navigation is named after the optimization of the key word in fact is not friendly to the search engine, search engine will think you are deliberately optimized may lead you the website may be subject to more severe punishment does not have a good ranking of the worst case, the author has to adhere to do stand natural search engine optimization actually much more natural deliberately not to optimize even deliberately optimized to bring up but can not give the user to bring good experience may not give you the website good IP and good conversion rate. Therefore, I suggest that the majority of webmaster friends in navigation design, home page or home page name, not to optimize the key name, which is more conducive to search engine.

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