July 17

A personal webmaster 5 years of experience in the establishment of a station

station is a very casual thing on my communications major, my job is to engage in telecommunications equipment, namely program-controlled switches, ATM switches, routers, optical fiber transmission, but still far from the application layer. By the end of 2003, I moved to my new house, a neighbor I had just met and recommended a game to me: the counter strike elite. I’m not very interested in this game. I haven’t played CS so far. I found a lot of people playing CS, and there were very few forums to communicate with CS at that time. Then I spent 100 yuan to buy a 100M virtual space, to provide free space taking 2 level domain name, the use of the popular VBB forum program to establish a prototype of http://s.bbs.houdao.com at Monkey Island games forum.

because I didn’t know much about CS when the forum was founded, I in the underground CS Forum (not open) reproduced and summarized the CS data into the essence of many forums, then I will introduce the website to my neighbors that CS enthusiasts, and asked him to introduce my website CS to his teammates, this is the first batch of members of the forum.

this word of mouth marketing, certainly can’t have good advertising effect, over the past week is only dozens of registered members. So I went to the famous CS forum published advertorials and Sohu such as Sina, Tom, NetEase, portal game forums will appear every day my soft, then these forum managers for me this manual intelligent advertisement posting machine is very trouble. The effect of this method of publicity in the early stage of the station is quite effective, and soon the number of members of the forum registered more than 1000, while the number of online also has about 20 people. But this time, taking on the same server rent out too much space, virtual space I rented more and more unstable, the space server is often linked with DDOS, I only look at reducing their hard to pull traffic every day. I called the space dealers many times, but the situation remained the same, so I decided to change the space.

does not use the present space, which means that the 2 level domain name offered by the space provider has to be abandoned, which makes me regret that I didn’t buy a top-level domain name. I try to find a good record of international domain name, but the 4 pure letters.Com slightly a little rhyme has been registered by the other, familiar vocabulary has long been registered. Since I couldn’t think of a proper domain name at one thirty, I decided to look for inspiration in my life. I watched the February 2004 hit "mobile phone" in the cinema, inside the lines "to be honest" my memories. After returning home, I quickly online to inquire about the kind of Pinyin, houdao.com is registered, the results of the query let me overjoyed, and immediately spent 50 yuan to buy the domain name. Since then I have never received a penny for the subsidy, the initial capital of Monkey Island is only 100 yuan fee plus the 50> space

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