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Case explanation soft writing need to pay attention to four values

family law, there is a line regulation. Soft writing, should also have their own rules. Some people write soft text, just for publicity, this idea is incomplete.

so-called soft Wen, refers to the attachment to other products, parasitic in other products, with other products for publicity articles. For example, Taobao with Taobao on the publicity, the publicity for the people’s livelihood goods; information search, to help for the shops. Good soft Wen, in addition to mention the need to publicize the contents, but also fully embodies the four values, which reflect the values of the four text, it is a good soft, the soft can not only play an advocacy role, but also can increase the reading of the text, let the reader in reading the article, feel happy.

What exactly is the four value of

, and it’s so powerful? Let’s look at the case one by one.

first of all, news value.

news value refers to the need to publicize the point attached to a news, readers can read the soft text to understand news trends. Such soft text, not only readers are happy to read, soft text conversion rate is high, and easy to be included in the search engine, the probability of reading by the user greatly increased.

Recommendation Index: 9

case: "the thorough investigation of drunk driving driving on behalf of the industry" — the Pooja quietly heating up a soft

August 15, 2009, the national "strict rectification of drunk driving traffic violations" special action, special action to reduce drunk driving at the same time, to promote "generation driving" industry quietly warming. How to use this event for publicity? Pooja is the people’s livelihood information experts, can search all kinds of information through the search engine for life. We look for a bonding point – the user’s demand for driving information. So soft, around the user information on the generation of driving demand "in writing, to introduce the special action of the users at the same time, users can search for tell the generation of driving information, so as to realize the purpose of soft.

second, learning value


value of learning is to propaganda, adhere to a certain knowledge or knowledge, let the reader to gain knowledge of soft wen. This soft, often only for a particular knowledge, there are fewer readers to read (with the value of knowledge in soft reading group itself is very narrow), if the user needs the knowledge, so soft, the conversion rate is very high.

Recommendation Index: 8.5

: the case of "SNS" to search for life ", and a tiger with wings added" for a soft

, this is a learning value of soft Wen, this soft Wen to readers introduced SNS and life search. How in the knowledge of the article, for the insertion of soft advertising? We must first find the connection point SNS, and the search for life. For the vertical search belongs to the search of life, for neighbors is a SNS based dating community, this is the connecting point. This >

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