July 17

Do station experience lost also bring some relief

recently had time to reflect on his experience in the past two or three years, and no one else would have thought of it.

time is really fast, freshman report, when the moment to get off, the first time on the campus of this piece of land that moment is still clear memories, but now flash, three years have passed. Another new arrival, but we have to face the departure……

began to learn how to do websites, and also because the teachers in the basic course of computer courses during the semester began to attract me. Began in the second, we learn to do crazy. That is true, is what do not understand, and do not know who to ask, so all of them are accumulated bit by bit, come, perhaps a lot of Web site people are like this. It was the first time I knew what a domain name was. It was the first time I knew a Sina. It was the first time I knew Baidu was a search engine…… Many, many first, and many sleepless nights……

came all the way, but it was a real failure. At that time, the SP craze was over and Taobao’s advertising was nearing completion, and the GG price began to fall…… It was a year before I knew it. Own website, the competition is very small, no boss, is simply a piece of blue ocean, but because of my experience conditions are not good, so two years later, others are full time, but I was left with nothing whatsoever. And now the pattern has been formed, advancing, the ether difficult……


understood all this, it was almost a foregone conclusion. I do not know whether it is sad or gratified, after all, I understand a little. I believe there are still opportunities, but I have to wait until a year later to understand it? If so, it is really too failed. Why always lag behind? In fact, not only do so, and later work, and if so, what a terrible thing to do.

but I don’t know what to do now. I’ve thought it over, but I haven’t been able to find my way. When mom just pushed out, I know that it is an opportunity for the webmaster, I want to break the head start but also thought direction, then the opportunity in the past, others to share their experience, only see light suddenly, originally so simple


yes, there is a chance, but I have to take good care of it. Found the problem, perhaps, is a little relief. Next, there is a breakthrough, I hope I can do it,


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