July 17

Actual combat Baidu K station 4 days after the re harvest

actual combat record, dedicated to my colleagues.

, a novel station www.5pr5.cn, I found out in May 8th that I was K and sent an article on Admin5. The address is http://s.www.admin5.com/plus/view.php, aid=83601

I was depressed that day. I walked around the house for several laps and decided to give up the station. Stay in bed for a long time, suddenly fear, said to myself, so I pay for this station, including computer open for 1 months, every day and everywhere, write text, send the information, to find the connection] how much effort ah, so don’t


and then I’ll reopen that site. Fortunately, at 9 a.m., 10, the network was fixed. I’ve recovered the speed of 2M. Then I didn’t manage it very much. Just update it every day.

On the day of

9, I read the log. Here comes the Baidu.

10, it’s coming and going deep into the station.

11, still.

12, that is, up this morning, site:www.5pr5.cn re included.

in the evening, I’ll check. 558 pages were released.

this complete real process.

what I want to tell you is 2 points, ADSL has no influence on Baidu collection, and has no influence on GG. 2 is the site included well, yourself think about where to eat what problem, if you yourself did not cheat, just a little external reasons, lead to be K. You modify, and continue to do your station, will soon be included. You are, as some people say, been K for at least 1 months, or even months.

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