July 17

Learn to be a man before you can be a station

I have posted

earn a little income cheated in 2008-10-25 14:35 in stationmaster net wrote: what do Wangzhuan toil what was wrong

    but the webmaster in other forums to fraud, a lot of people being cheated to find me, a lawsuit by defrauding the experience! I have great sympathy and much money after all of our work.

stumbled into his forum today to see what was happening and completely burned me!


, my user name doesn’t want to quit. I didn’t reply at all. Then I logged on the wrong password.

his answer made me very angry. It has no Web Intrusion delete all data has malicious

here want to say: do stand is life, hope that those swindlers don’t because of dozens or hundreds of people will be inappropriate to see


released the webmaster information,

this stationmaster QQ:44326633 phone: 13952644447 website http://s.www.tz9t.cn

www.bikcc.cn for

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