July 17

Give the webmaster a few suggestions

webmaster network has been doing very successful today, but to go beyond the Webmaster Station, there is still a long way to go.

I would like to make a few suggestions for webmaster network:

1 at present webmaster forum focuses on transactions, but as a comprehensive webmaster website, I think there should be a comprehensive forum. A good forum can make the site more cohesive. After all, the editors of the CMS system provide the content of the site, and the ability to edit is limited.

2 now many webmaster here to write soft, I greatly support, I think that is a win-win for the release of the soft stationmaster net and personal Adsense, after all the soft content is generally some valuable truth or principle or experience. Then come out with an advertising conclusion, to see if the reader has identified it himself.


, like the stationmaster net when dealing with the submission of the manuscript, love to others which link to get rid of, this is a bit disingenuous (of course, if the whole information websites are like, but love) I hope you pay attention to the website of others slightly improved without any harm to the PR station network.

so I hope webmaster net can understand this principle: even soft Wen, is also a win-win!


3 webmaster network should apply to become Baidu news source, that should be the weight of the web page and your station traffic should have great benefits, it is estimated that there will be more people will like to come here more than soft Wen!


diagram, Wang and webmaster net readers are experts, the above opinions, if you think funny, please forgive me,


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