July 17

Four elements of the success of a local web service company

read more articles about the network N, but also wrote more articles about the network N, but Lao Cao has only one kind of article has not yet shared with the webmaster, that is, with the local network services company articles. At present, each region has a number of Internet service providers, the scale is big and small, hundreds of people from the regular company to a studio, because of funding and personnel constraints services provided by most will have the following contents: website construction, website optimization, domain name registration, space services or other agents of products. In our tens of thousands of webmaster, there are many friends are engaged in regional network services, whether you are now a person to start business or work in the company. Zibo power network creation (that is, my company) nearly four years from inception to now, in the past four years has experienced many groundless talk, but the overall operation is good, here in my personal experience to talk with you briefly about these years to do business.

1, brand value management,

do business is doing the brand, believe that the world’s top 500 enterprises to understand this sentence will be more profound, "Shell" as the world’s top 500 companies, has experienced more than 100 years of development, the leaders changed dozens, but the brand is still standing in the business is not bad, that their products at the same time, never forget to brand management. Man and old, but the brand is long, there are many examples of this, not one by one. As a local network services company, because of the relatively small area for the type of service, more professional, more easily make the brand has a certain influence, but need to learn business brand, need not be detailed here, you can through the Baidu search "what brand" believe here than I used to describe a word or two to be with.

two, the promotion of its own value

believes that the current 10 network service companies in 8 can provide different forms of extension services, like the current relatively hot SEO promotion, information mass promotion, Alibaba, this is some of our network service companies to provide customers, help customers to promote their products and brands, so we have such a good something, why do not you go to use it. Conversely, how do you convince a client to use something that you don’t want to use?. In addition, the use of their own good, but also as a successful case to speak, so that I believe it will be more convincing.

three, reverse marketing effect is also good,

I mentioned here is "reverse marketing" give you an example: for example, I helped a customer to build a website, then I can in the website below with my company name or service content, so that when some people go to visit the site will have a chance to find our website through it. And when the customer’s Web site works better, the chances of accessing our site are even greater. Here, simply mention that quite a few people know about us through the links below the customer’s Web site

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