July 17

A static page sold 1500 lost the heart hurts but smiled

just graduated, opened a small shop on Taobao, occasionally selling second-hand things. When I graduated, everything was fresh. By Taobao novice to become familiar with the Taobao transaction process, do not know to know by the logistics express, but also from the surface, can make a little while, then ten, twenty, but after all, is to rely on their own labor, but also very happy.

set up shop on Taobao, usually express a lot of use, very convenient and very fast. And then there is a courier website can inquire about the cost, so sometimes not because they do not know the postage and make their losses. But sometimes there are requirements for ordinary customers, the first time do not know how the specific surface, and the surface charge searched the whole network no one, even China post has no relevant information. This time, it is troublesome, because I do not want to lose this customer, but I do not know how to calculate the specific cost. More, and the customer is not willing to accept less, originally earned so little money, but also a large loss in postage. The two surface, pure toss twice, he also lost a dozen in postage. I was dizzy, Taobao search predecessors to deliver the original experience of predecessors like me do not love letters, and I almost met is a problem, some experience can rely on experience to solve, but many inexperienced people, what do they do? In front, I also like. I was a little ASP, fearless, I think if I can write a query Mail website, so not only can solve their own problems, the problems of others, but also can be recruited to Taobao a lot of traffic, even though I still don’t know what the website advertising, nor how to know the website profit, I only know that if I can snare to Taobao traffic is not low, there must be good, at least my own shop can directly do free advertising in the.

at the thought of this, I’m half dead, and I’m not stupid. Hey, hey, but then the problem comes, the whole network has no data, I empty hands, where to find? Want to be the first to eat crabs, not necessarily have the ability to eat. So many parts of the country, with a simple combination calculation, pure to the province to the province, even tens of thousands of data, and the surface is specific to the District, county data on one hundred thousand? Millions? I might not be able to finish ten years. Heart cold half, but it is an idea, it is so shattered? Suddenly, before the post items, there is a Guangzhou mail list, regardless of the other, to the Guangzhou post list to get over again, at least the first net inquiry Guangzhou post the cost of the people. Well, at least there’s something bright ahead.

second day early in the morning, I immediately went to the post office, the original with a pen and paper to the copy, then see the post office that quite a number of people said that direct copy, even if the post office security Ken, but also to other people when the monster, actually, I was pretty thin skinned say. So if you want to wait until you’re short, I’ll pretend to look at the postage instructions

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