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How does the game video website Twitch make 1 billion in business

[Abstract] in 2010, Justin.tv was turned into Twitch and officially unveiled at the E3 game show in 2011.

Tencent Francisco video game website Twitch in a game player in the circle of fame, in May this year, YouTube intends to spend $1 billion to its incorporation rumors attracted wide attention. Twitch CEO Emmet · (Emmett Shear); shell is not a natural leader have now come to the position, is purely an accident. But now, he runs the game video company has been among the world’s top video sites, won numerous players favor. There is no doubt in mind how the young video game media company is going from scratch to value breaking one billion. What’s the story behind it?

The story of

Twitch begins in the fall of 2010.

YouTube, CFO Gideon · (Gideon Yu); Yu, in the company at a price of $1 billion 650 million "remarries" Google (micro-blog), he also earned pours. Subsequently, he began to invest in the purchase of the United States National Football League (NFL), San Francisco 49 Justin.tv (San Francisco 49ers) 5% of the shares, and took a fancy to a start-up company called a.. At that time, Justin.tv transformation successful – get 8 million dollars venture capital, the company has begun to produce revenue.

According to

Justin.tv co-founder Michael · Seibel (Michael Seibel), Gideon · more than at this time into the company, the snow to send carbon, "he said," you have some success, earn some money, but also did not make what the real influence. You can continue to lie in the credit books and get those salaries, but it’s not like a startup, or you can create something really good"

later, co-founder Justin ·, Ken (Justin Kan) and SAY Media’s Matt ·, Sanchez (Matt Sanchez) meet, the entrepreneurial team finally determined to start some important projects.

and Gideon, after Matt’s conversation, Justin.tv opened the door to a new chapter of a split into two, into two different tasks, play the game player game video site Twitch, the video sharing mobile application Socialcam. Co-founder Emmet ·, shell, has also begun to change from an engineer to a manager.

is precisely these changes that have led Twitch to the track of success, and it has grown into the world:

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