July 17

Analyze the website construction from the aspect and the point

has now spent the Internet pioneer period, various industries have emerged, and now want to find the real untapped virgin, prohibitively difficult, but it is not here to Amoy gold, I do not. Although the Internet has spent the pioneering period, but at present it is not mature, or is that although done every aspect, but specific to each point is not so mature.

the Internet is not a place to create resources, but rather a place to integrate resources. Sohu, sina is the integration of news and information, Alibaba, Taobao is the integration of enterprises of all types of businesses, local portal and forum is in the integration of local information, so we have to see this point to see the development direction of construction site. Everyone is basically silent now, do not stand up and look at the direction. All day watching included several spider crawling records, analyzer, like this can develop? Said the site is now difficult to do, the competition is big, so you really choose the right direction? By resource integration, the majority of grassroots webmaster in site when you need to see his resources, and what resources are not integration. Recently saw a friend to do a local forum, I was very worried about, because the local has been the integration of the resources and the scale of the forum, great, I heard all in preparation for the listing. This kind of resource has been integrated, and we plug into it. Is it difficult and competitive to do so?

the future of the Internet must be the integration of various resources after the Internet world, a large category has been integrated, then the details of it, is not the various points have been done? I do not see. Using the above example, because the local forum has no room for development, so according to its website structure and age, I suggest that they can do for a local university students a forum, integration of resources, integration of resources in the network of college students actively within the scope of such future development will inevitably than local website.

is now the Internet every "face" have a good job, really want to develop, we cannot simply copy the "surface", so that the last will be less effective, go into it, find a point on the surface, perhaps we can usher in dense willow trees and bright flowers of the moment. Times out of the hero, the Internet consolidation period, but also the opportunity to develop, to find your good "point", the Internet is still promising. Perhaps you have a different point of view, you are welcome to join the QQ group: 75534794, and parent-child www.qinzimama.com (Web site) to explore the website construction and development.

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