July 17

How to build cheap movie stations

as we all know, the establishment of the movie station requires very large expenditure, and if the local video library is used, the cost of the server is quite huge. So, as an entrepreneurial webmaster, how to build a cheap movie station,


today, I’m going to discuss it with you on my own website experience.

1, domain name – cost control in less than 60 yuan.

want to do a good job site, domain name is very important. The choice of the domain name, it is best to complete, easy to remember, easy to spread, which is more conducive to the search engine and promotion, and to develop long-term customer website.

domain name registration business can choose GoDaddy, English is not familiar with it, you can find some special purchasing, such as hi, hi, Internet, and so on. Of course, can also choose domestic, such as name, name and so on love.

special point here, the domain name registration must be easy to transfer into the premise, and if after the site is ready, some people pay a high price to buy, convenient transfer. In this regard, foreign countries do better than domestic.

2, procedures – cost control at 0 yuan.

since the choice of low-cost construction site, we must choose a variety of professional film or CMS, their own good learning, do well. Now the more well-known domestic movies, CMS, Marx, light, search, sunny, and so on. I often use the Marx, acquisition and maintenance is very convenient, here recommended.

learning a CMS does not have to be very proficient, but some basic changes must be aware of the method, especially advertising management, links, film changes, must be familiar with. Of course, since it’s CMS, it’s still very simple to operate, just like QQ space.

3, space – cost control within 50 yuan.

movie site, the establishment of the proposal to choose foreign space, because the free filing, there is not so much trouble, immediately buy good, you can immediately use. Because it is a low-cost site, so the time and cost must be taken into account, as early as a day to earn money, as early as one day to receive goods.

I chose the

hi hi Internet universal space room in the United States, a 38 yuan to buy 100M, used so far is still very stable, does not appear too what open when ah ah like what fault. That some people may want to ask, a movie station can be such a small space? Sure, when using CMS movie collection, remember ah, what pictures film, with stolen mode. My main source of choice is 56 and Youku, they so big website there is no copyright disputes, I call directly over the equivalent reproduced, do not have to worry about copyright disputes.

5, content management – cost control within 0 yuan.

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