July 17

Google PR update soon are you ready


blog set up a few days, PR will update the blog, because my weight is low, or 0. PR to my blog has a good score, the author who do blog, hope PR updates, to achieve their desired standard. I thought it would be updated before the Spring Festival, but Google let me down. After the Spring Festival, many friends asked when the Google PR update. Google is generally updated about 3 months, the last update in 2009, December, then it should be updated recently. How should we meet the Google PR update,


one, to ensure that their web site stability.

last update, my friend’s blog because of the problem of filing, blog can not open. Google doesn’t access blogs, and it hasn’t been updated. Another friend’s Web site is because of the server’s involvement, not only their own web site can not open, the server can not open all of the sites, have lost 3 months before the PR update.

so you’d better check your website, don’t have illegal content, remove bad links, check the server’s situation, and meet Google PR update with a stable website.

two, strengthening links to websites.

Google values the link. Of course, the content is also very important, but the link PR high, and their website PR will also be high. We should think of ways to add some weight high links, this depends on everyone’s popularity. If you can’t exchange PR high links, it’s worth buying several PR high links this time.

is not to exchange some high weight links, do not want to buy high PR link friends, can add some weight and own similar links, for example, your website PR is 3, then you add many links to PR3, can also be upgraded to PR4. I believe that the PR value can not fully represent the site is really, and now there are some other methods, you can about the PR value. So, we should treat this PR update with our usual mind. As long as we do our website and give the user a good experience, then we are the winner.

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