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About the core competitiveness of ndustry Technology Forum

1. What is the core competitiveness of the industry technology forum,


in the technology industry forum construction experience of (a) a little experience about the technology industry in the development of the forum I mentioned the technical features of the two industry forum is: the main function is to provide technical forum industry technical exchange platform. Around this characteristic, we can create a most competitive industry, technical forum, the core competitiveness is: the atmosphere of technical exchanges, and the ability to maintain the atmosphere!


two, why technology communication atmosphere is the core competitiveness of the forum?

to prove this, let me list some well-known rubber industry forum, of course also lists the chemical industry, academic forum, to tell the story of these forums where the answer will be self-evident. (Note: the evaluation of forums is limited to about August 2010 months, and other evaluations are limited to exchanges. Please do not misunderstand)

note: from many to less: mostly > many > many > more > general > less > less > very few.

from the top of the table, can easily find communication more development forum is relatively large, if it is commercial, and more successful, such as China injection forum, also have some magic, he almost no industry of books, papers and other information, but his communication atmosphere is very strong, leading to concentration the majority of members of the injection molding industry, to make it a success! The next is about the nature of communication, through the nature, we do not think that it is China injection development forum

miracle!What is the essence of

three and Industry Technology Forum communication?

analysis is a technology industry forum in the end to what we communicate? Here or take Chinese injection forum to anatomy, China injection forum members mostly from the production line, they rely on their own skills in providing services for the enterprise technical engineer or the general staff, the members of the exchange of content, I understand him as the technology experience. I’ll define this bit of technical experience in my understanding: a personal skill, experience, or know-how. The key is, one is all, just a personal experience, if not all enterprises, members of the exchange of second experience work in just ways; relatively inconvenient into money, or that the value is not great. Of course, the success of China’s injection molding forum is not the choice of the injection molding industry and the success of his success, but also his method and hard work, but at least the injection industry technical exchanges should be more open.

The next

for examples, the plastics industry forum started in 2006, when the forum was very hot, very has the advantage in technology with original, the founders are modified plastics industry big brother, some relatively open.

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