July 17

About enterprise site really make money

What is the main role of

companies in building websites? The purpose of small businesses to build websites is to advertise and promote their products, not to develop e-commerce.

now has established the website of the small enterprises, 55% enterprises have increased by return back the establishment of investment, 48% of small businesses reached or exceeded the expected revenue, build a website not imagination of so complex.


survey also found that, although many companies do not use the Internet as a marketing tool (only 27% of small businesses have a website, but those) can access the Internet does not have access to the Internet than small business competitors have certain advantages, they usually through www.yiji.net like this special website for the enterprise, make enterprise website ranking company to get more promotion and consulting.

As the level of the

network company he can really make money? We must first solve the traffic problem, of course, through the purchase of traffic, advertising and other related ways to get a lot of traffic, and then through the telephone marketing to attract customer (where the customer is the enterprise) as they do rankings and flow inquiry and so on,

, but as far as I know,

1: through the two level domain and two pages in the search engine is very difficult to finish, so really make up the time required is relatively long, the enterprise for the reality of more heavy, a word row not up not to give money to

2: flow quality is not high, why do you say, usually related to stand for the enterprise and enterprise content is relatively small, for other relevant industry flow more, so the traffic quality is not high, it will cause lower number without even hearing, no conversion, not to mention the money

3: customer service mechanism is not perfect, usually set up good enterprise station, it is best to have the person responsible for the management and can even check the feedback to the enterprise. But at present few larger enterprises website website basically could not do it as

so, for enterprises to build services or to be explored in an industry, really want to do it fine, there are still many

worth studying and exploring

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