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Discussion on the correct guidance of webmaster’s responsibility and nternet users

with the popularity of the Internet in China, more and more people begin to contact and use the internet. According to statistics, up to now, the number of Internet users in China has reached 1/10, becoming the second largest Internet user country after the United states. For the so-called "fourth media" network media, they play a role in the entire Internet will be more and more big.

As a new type of media,

network media has the advantages that traditional media does not have. It has many ways of management, such as convenience, efficiency, popularity, openness, interaction, freedom and so on. On the whole, China’s network media is correct, rich in content, vivid in form, close to reality, close to life and close to the masses. It has been widely welcomed by the vast number of Internet users. In recent years, with the development and application of new technologies, the advantages of online media have become increasingly prominent, and become the backbone of the entire media community. But must cause our attention is driven by the interests, there is also a small part of the site of one-sided pursuit of commercial profit, publish obscene, gambling, violence, insult, slander and other aspects, these bad phenomena, serious harm to social and national security, has damaged the credibility of online media, has been attention of the majority of Internet users and the community, become one of the most prominent problems affecting the healthy development of the internet. Undoubtedly, these problems will be our network media at a crossroads: how to do the maintenance and protection of network security in the premise of exerting the advantage of network media under? Must consider this is every one of us is engaged in the network media personnel problems.

in any form of media, they must assume the responsibility that society gives them, and that is the obligation that it must undertake as a public medium. I grew up that it is related to our personal network security, related to people’s livelihood, related to the progress of the society; from the big to say, it is related to the development of our country’s political stability and economic, even to the external situation, is a carrying heavy responsibility undertaking, absolutely can not be ignored. The network media practitioners to a greater degree of control of the Internet community discourse, our every thought, every sentence of speech, will influence directly or indirectly in China billions of users of emotions and ideas, the theoretical level so we should have a sober mind and high quality, the network as a basic work safety standards to follow, and on the basis of this brave bear some social responsibility, and actively guide our users to join the Internet security protection to the cause, this to the people is a good thing to have.

relatively strict management standard will dispel the enthusiasm of some users to participate, but from the most basic occupation ethics, social security, national image into account, we have to face more challenges, in the tens of millions of the spit slobber head-on, as much as possible is to guide users. For the entire site, including forums, blog, video and other interactive columns, we should consciously strive to maintain network security. Embodied in <

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