July 17

Lurking in the community for 001 months



wrote this article in the community has 001 turnover for almost a week, this time is 2:00, as a grass root mobile Internet entrepreneurs, some of their own views on the O2O community and city O2O community, O2O is undoubtedly one of the most popular terms this year, there are dozens of community O2O station PC WeChat and app software for a few months the country, and is planning on on-line community O2O and community O2O local entrepreneurs, some are doing community diversification, some are vertical, I am more optimistic about the first in a vertical way into the community, to find a good starting point to lay a good foundation in the area, have a certain customer groups after the transformation of diversification.

I work for almost a month in 001 community practice, the truth is to look at the value of 2 billion of the company is how to operate, as well as Offline (offline) mode of practical operation, personally think that the core community of O2O is the integration of community resources, integration of resources products and good service, to find community residents to solve pain points between the property and tenants of the pain points, said undercover is too dirty is learning the experience of others, into the community of 001 before I make the city O2O, is mainly responsible for the operation and management of the whole company to do odd jobs, is simple with the outside sell delicacy we do the last mile distribution, the integration of the best local eat delicacy, and I have it, the zero line is similar, then the team boss wants to do the transformation of community, community optimistic about the future market is huge.

I am marketing department in the community of 001 candidates for the post, was assigned to the new Chongqing after half a day of training Pai Fang Dian, exactly 3 hours, will officially enter the working state, is mainly responsible for the negotiations in 001 markets and residential community, community activities (referred to as PR pendulum Exhibition) and the entire PR field to control, because work experience into the role soon.

001 of the

community in Chongqing currently has 3, the first day into the community 001 personnel manager said 001 Chongqing is now about a month to a loss of 50 to 60W, is called the loss should be called burn, because there is no time not to regard it as right, large-scale advertising case 3 stores which had so much money may burn, a shop is 001 to 5 km range as a benchmark, a store distribution range of 5 km area, into the community of 001 before the news that Beijing has seen above profits, a day of order more than 20 thousand membership of nearly more than 70 million price close to 300, and the lotus and other big super cooperation, the data look still very dazzling.

to see the actual situation in Chongqing, the July 25, 2014 Chongqing store opened, mainly for community residents to provide 1 hours of free door-to-door service, cash on delivery, and the supermarket price 1 yuan to buy 200, 001 community membership card to send 30 yuan, 500 87.5 yuan to send 1000, send 200 yuan in my original the supermarket 1000 yuan, now with the community card >

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