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He Lixiang how to do nternet soft Wen marketing in traditional industry two

traditional enterprise network soft Wen marketing significance in where,


said that if the traditional hard advertising is WaiGu Shaolin Kungfu; then the Internet era is soft, Killing with Kindness Wudang boxing a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, act tough and talk soft internally and externally, is the most powerful marketing tool. Then, what is the significance of soft marketing in the Internet age?

1, and traditional hard advertising echoes, enhance the effect of advertising aggregation

hard and soft advertising advertising advertising, advertising in the traditional marketing methods, hard advertising accounted for almost 100% of the proportion, and the use of soft advertising almost no, which stems from the lack of understanding of marketing, marketing has been frozen as the sword, no light. But the arrival of the Internet era, the introduction of a convenient high-speed access to the products of traditional channels, also develop new consumer spending habits, online viewing information, online shopping and so on, therefore, the traditional enterprise must be targeted in this vast space for Internet marketing, and marketing is a tailored. If the traditional channels and Internet channels combine, soft Wen and hard advertising echoes, online and offline combination, advertising aggregation effect will be very obvious. You can imagine, when consumers see ads everywhere in real life, ready to check on the computer product related information, if can search a large number of products for the positive information, sales promotion is very large.

2, reduce publicity and promotion costs, improve corporate awareness and establish brand

mentioned earlier, soft marketing from soft text planning to execution, the cost and enterprise traditional marketing cost is much lower. If the enterprise can select the traditional marketing methods and redistribute the proportion of the traditional marketing and network marketing, it can not only improve the marketing effect, but also reduce the cost of publicity and promotion. Especially for those funds strength is insufficient, in the initial stage of enterprise, soft Wen marketing in saving costs, establish network brand is not the best choice.

3, promote enterprise websites, improve website traffic, and promote online transactions

marketing, not only for the product to exert a subtle influence on consumer education, to promote the line trading, save promotional costs, but also can deepen the impression consumers on the enterprise, prompted by its search engine to search keywords, and then click to enter the enterprise website, or through the link with the advertorial content directly into the enterprise website, this to a certain extent, propaganda enterprise website, improve website traffic, if the enterprise website number order yo website, but also to promote online transactions.

4, optimize keywords, improve keywords website search engine ranking

network marketing is an important means of SEO, that is, search engine optimization. Optimization is very important for a website and an enterprise. And soft Wen marketing planning, we usually take into account the website or enterprise keywords, and in <

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