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s the micro community the last straw for discuz


what is the micro community? In the rapid change of the Internet era, new things emerge in an endless stream, dizzying. WeChat as a successful product of the mobile Internet, her every little change, have affected the nerves of all parties and everyone’s heart soft atrium. So what is the micro community? Here’s the official explanation for the micro community:

micro community profile


micro community is a new community of mobile phones developed by Kang Sheng Discuz. The micro community addresses the following issues:

1, micro community is based on the WeChat interactive community public account, it can be widely used in the WeChat service number and subscription number, WeChat is the number of public operators to create popular mobile community and enhance user stickiness favorable tool.

2, micro community to solve the problem with a WeChat public account users cannot directly communicate and interact, the public accounts "one to many" one-way push platform between the user and the way to send information into users and users, many to many communication modes, two-way communication, give users a better interactive experience. Make the interaction more convenient and more fun.

3, micro community for the first time the Web2.0 interactive mode is introduced in the WeChat public platform, topic and common interests based on the combination of post and reply, prompting the user from a passive recipient of information to mobile Internet information creators, in the public account and user interaction between user and user in the common content and communication.

can be seen from the above, the micro community as an auxiliary WeChat project, is to fill WeChat’s public account, communication between users and the development of products, everything is around WeChat. Discuz! Forum has a long history, from the creation to now more than ten years, of which several degrees of brilliance, the steering wheel is always firmly in their hands, manipulate about. Since the emergence of smart phones, the Internet has undergone enormous changes, it seems that everything should start all over again, re shuffle, confusing, confused. The giants began to rush, open mouth to eat everything up. Small fish, shrimp is watching, unable, no way, and even spit the strength of the bad lost. In fact, the opportunity is still great discuz, but the strategic vision of increasingly stingy, and can not become a vassal, must have their own, or it is difficult to say that in the future will become Tencent’s chicken ribs.


said Tencent will become chicken ribs, BBS overall downward trend, will not have to elaborate, we the best opportunity is obvious to people, in the mobile phone, discuz innovation and enterprising, decline sooner or later. Do not know the micro community is not hongsing ideas, if it is, that team Kang Sheng or have a certain sense of crisis, carefully analyzed the micro community function and structure, function is convenient in her WeChat public platform users communicate with discuz, demanding to open, online, do not know no thought one thing, micro community and micro Tencent.

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