July 17

400 telephone calls affecting enterprise station user experience factors

enterprise station whether it is to do the promotion of Baidu or SEO, the ultimate goal is to order, no orders no volume everything is meaningless, but when the user enters your site or in the Baidu know, other local forums aware of your website, you want to consult or understand the situation, we need a communication a communication tool, and the 400 is the most direct telephone contact, the user that few people will not use, now there are a few people do not have social mobile phone, do not pull the phone? The following A5 webmaster and diagnosis of SEO team and we simply talk about the influence factors of the user experience of the enterprise stand 400 telephone.

increase enterprise trust

when a user into almost the same two corporate website, a 400 phone, but not another but also in the other position of the page on the other contact methods such as online chat tools, such as QQ, but for some 40, 50 years of age in the elderly, he would not often surf the Internet, perhaps, they never QQ, at this time, if you put up with QQ, so, how to know your customers that can find the way to contact you, even if they wanted to know, please download the trial immediately learn to install QQ client, how there will be so many time to do these things? But the 400 phone is not the same, put 400 telephone customers at a glance know how to contact you, find, if necessary, he can call 400 telephone, therefore, the use of electricity 400 Words can give customers a "customer first, pay attention to customer service" feeling, and fully respect their habits, which in no sense has increased the customer’s trust in the enterprise.

enhance customer satisfaction

no matter what companies provide services or goods can not be completely no problem, when the user finds the problem, you need to find immediately to solve, if your company is using the phone service station in general, such as mobile phone contact, you may sleep at night will be shut down, then. The customer will find you, can not be timely to help customers solve problems, will naturally affect the web site user satisfaction, perhaps, your service or product itself is not what problem, but users will not use it, but as long as the customer can find you at any time, it will also affect customer satisfaction, affect the user performance, and 400 you can call for the enterprise to solve this trouble, using the 400 telephone business can make the phone never busy, so users always linked to the business enterprise, more satisfactory service Wu.

avoid losing customer resources

some companies because the company is constantly expanding, more and more employees, office space is not enough, and the transfer of positions, the company moved to other places, this move does not matter, has been used before on the website of the phone will also change, to another place to re apply for opening another service call, because many phone calls are not mobile, a region is a call from Anhui to Shenzhen.

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