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Buy site experience sharing the site to buy bargain

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wrote "Jiezhuang website four years average annual income of 15W" and share the experience of "local network group purchase the initial operation and promotion of the" two experience sharing has a lot of friends with me, how do the local communication of home network, network group purchase. Special asked the group purchase network in the end do not make money, most asked is about the technical aspects of the group purchase business, rarely mentioned, many webmaster and I seen a year ago that the site is not a big problem, not afraid of thinking, I think now do a local website, many people will engage in, are still working very difficult. I would like to introduce several group buying activities in Yancheng as follows. If there is any dissatisfaction, please leave a message directly on Admin5 and visit my BLOG. Http://hi.baidu.com/ycjzw

In fact, the operation of a

network group purchase many ideas, products are many, but I have been working in the company, < >, Yancheng; home network; knowledge of home building materials, building materials group purchase has always insisted on doing so, consider not to affect the normal home net income, we also make a website as a carrier for.

promotion the

because Yancheng belong to the two class city, many people use the Internet, not up to the level of South of Jiangsu Internet people own a lot less, to engage in pre group purchase on the Internet is difficult to pull, it is difficult to engage in all activities together, group purchase project seems to look only to engage in a site that is now in the field of group purchase, bargain activities very popular. There are two reasons: first, many materials are mature models, understand this mode. And no one online, as well as the most popular! But to engage in such activities has two difficulties, one is hard to find a good bargain division, two is difficult to use the traditional advertisement to publicize the event. But this two our difficulties are resolved, we will vigorously investment, the first group purchase in 10.19, that every business we charge is 1000, part of the 800 group purchase though we didn’t make money, but the sentiment is very good, provided below us engage in propaganda for group purchase, In the later 11.23, although it was a light rain that day, life was good, you can go to our forum to see the scene, according to.

now I focus on the two group purchase sum up, so that everyone in today hold to help, and we do not live outside. Group purchase, we must find a good place, not a place, must want to get close to the location of building materials City, preferably on the first floor, convenient material taking place from good handling. After a lot of publicity is the group purchase content, a title selection condition, we charge is 1W, you have to solve the pre publicity fee title, you must think, who to the title, who is willing to pay 1W, they did not see what you ask well, is actually very simple, you can do a title return analysis book, not to find my blog, I have been on the Internet, and then find the three salesman, in building materials City, a house to find it, tell others what time, what time a group purchase bargain will this time, you do not expect to have what order, You must have traveled in great numbers

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