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Causes and treatment measures of the website snapshot

recently found their website snapshot suddenly when the correction Links, snapshot back to September 1st. This makes me very anxious, because if your site snapshot is not in time, generally few people willing to exchange links with you, this makes me do links, has brought great trouble. Snapshot of a website is a barometer of the site, snapshot update is not timely, means that your site may face some optimization of the above problems. So what circumstances will the website snapshot file? The author summed up about the following factors.

first: the website has modified the title

, after a website title has been revised, light may cause the website to be lowered right, re-enter sand box period, heavy can cause the website to be directly K. If the site changes, the title is dropped, or re-enter the sandbox, the search engine will bring up the previous site snapshot, and the site’s snapshot back is not updated. However, some websites modify the title, the site will hardly be affected, such as VeryCD, VeryCD will often modify the title of the site, and will not have any impact on the site. This is because the website weight is high enough, so if your site weight is not high enough, or do not arbitrarily modify title, modify the title if it can wait until the website weight high enough when modified.

second: links have problems,

website optimization friends often find other sites to exchange Links, which helps to improve the site weight and ranking, but Links There are both advantages and disadvantages. If the other site problems, our website is likely to be implicated, so if your web site snapshot, to timely check the Links site and you are out of the question, if a problem should be promptly removed the other Links removed, and that the best time to get each other the reason, the other site is convenient for the next normal exchange again later.

third: the content of the website is not updated

, a search engine spider frequented if the site is not updated so long, every time the spider came no new content, it may give the impression of a spider, the site may be in the back for a long period of time will not be updated, and the search engine in order to save resources, very few this web spider will climb later, so a snapshot of the site is likely to stop at your last update time. In fact, this problem is the best solution, and timely updates of high-quality web content, can generally solve this problem.

fourth: the site outside the chain to increase too fast,

we all know, the content and the chain of SEO is nothing more than a website, a large number of the chain to increase the weight of the site, but the chain of the site regularly, if your site started the chain little, suddenly a few days on the increase in the number of the chain, it is easy to judge by Search Engine >

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