July 17

Ali mother buy advertising prevention techniques

prior statement: This article on the wrong things, the content may harm the interests of some people, but as a former victim, it is necessary to take the risk to kill the Mafia personage stand out to write this article, whose money is not the wind blowing, are hard to earn a hard-earned money, look forward to a fair and open competition environment! Society can progress, otherwise we are hard to see hope! Hope people give the justice support! Post is a support


Ali Mama advertising trading platform is a webmaster for the sale of advertising where Ma Yun’s original intention is very good, in the premise of fair and open, advertisers can in a very convenient way to get the advertising effect here, site owners can also get through this platform but to benefit; today, some difficult to control illegal behavior which also give the fair and open environment caused by the bad influence of


mom in the purchase of advertising, first of all to examine "advertising information chart", for the convenience of being read, please see the screenshot below (based on the wrong things, help to hide this station:



above trend chart, is Ali mother system to advertising system of a test results, through the above data, combined with manual search, basically can judge its advertising bit true value;

, a figure in this advertisement daily access number: 25206, this number is a number that many webmasters dream, if brothers station can achieve this figure, earning 5K theory is not a problem; the purchase of advertising, don’t be fooled by this number, the first time I buy advertising, because of lack of experience, then this is how to achieve the capsize! Specific figures, most owners believe it, here no longer; in short, here by Ali mother out of the daily monitoring IP number, is not sufficient to prove the real flow of a website;

two, from the statistical data, the Ali Mama "station display by 4 Web links, 0 pages to be included, this is a more objective data, where the data is provided by the YAHOO search engine, basically can not imagine a fraud! Only 4 outside the chain, no included site, how to do IP25206? Of course, may be YAHOO search engine is not accurate, here you can manually copy the URL to Baidu, Google, Bing, Youdao, soso, Sogou search engine to search, Taobao’s website for example: first directly enter the URL, see how many of the results; then enter the site: URL, see included many; type: domain: web site, look at the chain number; the above command for the Baidu search engine, other search engines can search relevant If the above operations are basically consistent with YAHOO’s results, the average daily visit to this site can be determined

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