July 17

Baidu Adsense FAQ included

this article uses Baidu’s FAQ to analyze.

1. how can I make my website (independent website or blog) included by Baidu? {important}

http://s.www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html. You just submit the home page without having to submit a detailed content page.  

FAQ[1]: Baidu claims to meet the user experience of the website included, and then how is not consistent with the spider? Will he? Described here is a manual review, so if your site is bad, so do not use the Baidu site, or artificial audit is the game, if the worst…

2. how can I make my web pages not included in Baidu?

3. why is it that some of my web sites do not have links to private pages, and even pages that need access to rights, will also be included in Baidu?

4. why did my web page disappear from Baidu search results? {important}

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