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Analysis of several forms of education online online education in the end unreliable

online education in the end on unreliable,


with the mobile Internet industry once again the traditional stride forward singing militant songs, set off with the depth of the Internet boom, whether the recent financial, tourism, health and education are constantly being eroded by the internet. The evolution of this wave in the format of Internet Education focused on behalf of Chinese, facing the huge education market, the drawbacks and gap of traditional education, whether the Internet can bring higher efficiency, lower cost and equal education? We can work together to analyze several forms of the Internet education.


, China Merchants showmanship

this kind of form is more completed through the Internet network marketing and brand exhibition, a form of education with the Internet into belong to the most basic and the most natural, the use of the Internet as a new sales channels, give full play to the characteristics of the Internet across geographical and temporal, most of the online line of business orders, it can also be called this mode of education O2O.

two, online tool based

This type of

used to Kingsoft as the representative, provide strong service capabilities through the server and cloud, to gather a large number of education users, and then through advertising, value-added services, high-end services and membership fees in the form of transformation and cash flow, ape exam recently is based on mobile Internet and focus on Online do APP do fast, mobile Internet ape exam through the online test mode, intelligent analysis, personal practice, teacher evaluation, learning and innovation to do whenever and wherever possible play, quickly in the civil service examination take cities and seize territory of political, judicial examination and other fields, the user fee is said to have reached one hundred thousand magnitude, ape exam is so far the mobile Internet charges the success of the APP case.

three, platform service

this is a traditional Internet service model and extended translation for reference, the platform of the party construction of infrastructure and the rules of the game, the various service providers to provide services in education mode, any organizations and individuals in the mobile Internet era, can almost no cost and convenient to have one’s own online "break, released their courses in the field of good, through the platform and its influence to attract a large number of users to online lectures mode, then by the users pay income, finally get some platform revenue sharing way.

now this way in the momentum for the biggest impact of traditional education, first of all have any teaching ability, can make use of the platform to publish course enrollment and gain, solve the space and equipment problems, secondly is the platform to any conditions of Internet users, anyone can basically the online learning whenever and wherever possible, at the same time can reach around the excellent teaching resources, theory solves the problem of fairness of education resources, and market development ability spread to the country, as long as the teacher speaks good lesson.

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