July 17

How to let search engines fast included new station skills

now more and more people on the Internet, a website can only be completed in a few hours and a few minutes, so there are more and more people who have their own websites. But to be included in the search engine, each new webmaster is concerned about, the longest has 3 months or more time, not be related to search engine included, especially Baidu. How can you quickly be included in the search engine, the following to my www.ihxjs.com Huaxia technology network, for example, talk about new sites, how to let search engines quickly included new station, clever skills. The following mainly to Baidu, Google included as an example, other search engines we will not chat.

first website construction, to Baidu, Google included page, then update the original article, or false original, can refer to (by three days of learning to talk about their own optimization experience) article, I have introduced the original and pseudo original. Then to some weight higher BBS, send some with the signature of the link, general GG will be faster, included your station, so say new station, let Google included is a relatively easy thing.

Baidu included generally slower, Baidu may have a test period for new sites, the following I focus on Baidu: in addition to the above introduced, I mainly through the blog this approach to do. In the online application and several I corresponds to the blog, my daily updated content on a website, 2-3 days later published in the Sina blog, why delay 2-3 days, because Sina blog weight is higher, Baidu spider soon climbed to my blog, so that if it is published at the same time. So I think that Baidu spider web content is collected on the Sina blog content, do not consider the site published content is original thing, so that Baidu spiders will give the site positioning for acquisition station or station.


is just rely on website content to blog, it is far from enough, what to do to seduce Baidu spider often visit your site? My method is to continue to lead Baidu spider to your site. Every day, according to Baidu top published some popular events such as the recent articles in the blog, there Simon ah, what is the fire ah, how to maintain the 30 woman ah, no matter how you write the contents of the article, to add this sentence at the end: more exciting to do in the "30 woman net http://s.www.nvren30.net", as long as every day 1-2 popular articles, Baidu spider to your site, not 20 days will be included in Baidu.

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