July 17

Domain name investments need to be careful not to blindly pursue hot spots domain names

webmaster website reported on 20 may admin5.com4: domain name investment by many people as the achievement "overnight" dream of the industry, its low cost and maintenance of registered funds, as well as to hype the media and domain name service provider, so that the entire domain name investment industry appears repeatedly staged riches myth rash and too much in haste. So hot phenomenon and the media vigorously speculation "wealth" myth, so that the industry is full of "speculation" doctrine. I do not know when the hot event, the characters become the domain name investors scrambling to register objects, delusions through the impact of hot events, the domain name to sell a good price. Most of this domain name is only in a certain period, stage, for no matter has a certain meaning, but after a period of time, perhaps the meaning will no longer exist. But in the interests of the driver, there are many people blindly registered this kind of domain name, hope can be profitable.

review some of the hot events of last year, and often find the names of domain investors. At the beginning of last year, Hongkong artist Edison Chan’s personal life was caused by the exposure of private photos, including Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, A Jiao in the Hongkong, Taiwan area more than female artist "pornographic incident fired a raise a Babel of criticism of. At that time the "pornographic" relates to the female artist "chenguanxi.cn", "guanxi.cn" and "yanzhaomen" in the name of ".Com" and ".Cn" domain users quickly when the domain name cybersquatting, reported the scoop on the yuan. Now it seems that this kind of domain name can be said to be of no value from the traditional view of the pure value of domain name domain name letters more convenient more high value, it is estimated that the domain name at best value is about 100 yuan, and there is no appreciation of the potential, the original estimation is not registered for its renewal.

after the "Olympic champion" domain name "hijacking" event, known as " network first madman " Zhu Guangbing figure in it. In the 5·, 12, Wenchuan earthquake, " " 512" domain name and high price auction, claiming to support the disaster areas in Sichuan, was net friend named """; "Zhu rob rob"; the name. According to Zhu Guangbing said in a blog, the first time took more than 40 Olympic champions, including Guo Jingjing Yang Wei, the domain name, will be for the public auction of the country, each priced at 10 thousand yuan, and the auction is said to be donated to the disaster area children. More than 40 names in fact Zhu spent 4000 yuan registered so far no sell a.


domain name industry can be said to have a difficult time, valuable good domain name has been the domain name a few years ago gold Amoy, Acura domain name has only scanty more and more difficult to be discovered. How can we in this difficult period of Amoy gold, first of all to guard against arrogance and rashness, do not blindly pursue those who do not have the actual value of "hot spot" domain name. Secondly, more understanding of current events in the industry, grasp the latest direction of the domain name investment.

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