July 17

Analysis of the key to micro blog’s marketing success Mastering the theme selection skills

now through micro-blog marketing has become one of the important means, because micro-blog can quickly share, let you need marketing products or information, can quickly hot up overnight, of course, this probability is not high, but at least it can see micro-blog marketing with great energy to do a good job! Micro-blog marketing, then start from the creation of micro-blog! And micro-blog created before, the most important thing is to choose the theme of micro-blog

!In fact, micro-blog

for marketing, theme selection range often have fixed, such as you prepare the marketing game products, then you should relate to the theme of micro-blog game content! But you need in this range inside, looking for a more suitable subject to operation, the first to have a certain theme traffic can get some fans, generally in the range of this theme is bigger, so the number of fans will be more, if the scope of the micro-blog theme is small, relatively the audience will be smaller, the breadth of marketing is not a micro-blog! Thus, select the appropriate theme can directly affect is of crucial importance! To the marketing effect! Here I come to analyze how to use the competition theme to choose their micro-blog

theme method!

1: the core theme of the competitor is a strong analysis of

For example,

in the analysis of micro-blog’s rivals, the theme of the game found micro-blog operations have been very strong, then you have to operate micro-blog game as in the past, it is very difficult to succeed, after all the others have to seize the opportunities, a micro-blog you do at this time as like as two peas, or not, but want to get and the same results it is not possible, but in marketing, if not the first, then get the successful marketing experience! Because in the network marketing, the first and the second gap is not a so simple, may involve millions of economic value! But in the case of strong opponents, we the micro-blog theme slightly changes the game micro-blog powerful competitors, so we can use the world’s legendary game micro-blog, operating a single Tour Drama products micro-blog, then you can avoid its edge, reduce competitiveness!


two: competitors micro-blog theme operations in general

at this time for the novice, should be regarded as an opportunity, but this opportunity requires you to pay more than others for hard work can be obtained, the operation is after all others in front of you, at this time already has a certain basis, perhaps because there is a core of the success of the theme of micro-blog, so may also have several similar themes in micro-blog operation, so it is necessary to analyze these micro-blog at this time, found that they appeared in the process of operation, find out the reasons for these micro-blog fans is not active, then, only in the deep analysis of their weaknesses in operation, it is possible to get


three: micro-blog’s choice of

without competitors


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