July 17

Decoding dining O2O restaurant owners must understand yesterday today and tomorrow

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN) monitoring data show that in 2013, China’s catering industry O2O online users will exceed 100 million, reaching 139 million. In 2012 Chinese catering O2O market size 38 billion 660 million, an increase of 87.1% over 2011; 2013 China catering industry O2O market reached 62 billion 280 million, an increase of 61.1% compared to 2012; by 2015, China catering industry O2O market will reach about 120 billion.

catering industry as the largest market in the O2O field, from the beginning has gathered a lot of vision, and ushered in a period of rapid development opportunities. Once the food and beverage industry from the subdued undercurrent to the fierce contention of a hundred schools of thought, group purchase war to the takeaway market suddenly started from gunfire, hungry turned out to Amoy little Ali leveraging attack, the catering industry O2O again strongly stimulated the Titans and the merchant’s nerve, businessmen seem to feel the power of the Internet. Mobile awareness have strengthened, perhaps it is Fenghua missed too much of the Internet, then do not want to miss this opportunity, the future value of the "new" troops have begun the layout and practice of their own.

throughout the past two years, the development process of catering O2O, there has indeed emerged an excellent case, but also formed a rich and diverse development model. Standing in the industry point of view, catering O2O is still in the "Warlords" at the same time, universal development of the initial stage, we are feeling the stones across the river, unspeakable mature, replicable model. Next, let us come to understand the development of food and beverage O2O status, development model and success case, hoping to inspire some of them.

first, the development of food and beverage O2O

1, catering O2O market size, high degree of participation in industry. This is the main reason for the widespread attention and rapid development of food and beverage O2O. Moreover, after the baptism of group wars, the catering industry first came into contact with O2O services, and it has reached the forefront in the catering information and human resources supporting. It can be said that as long as there is a place to buy, there is the existence of food and beverage O2O, there will be catering O2O market cultivation, in which the United States group, public comment, handle, glutinous rice, Wo Wo Group and other buy site can not be done.

2, the chain catering enterprises brand importance and high ahead of the layout, small and medium-sized enterprises and not passive follow up. As we all know, the educational background of catering practitioners is overall low. As a chain type brand catering enterprises are favored and more opportunities to attract highly educated, capable of food and beverage managers, small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly internally promoted talent bottleneck prominent. Similarly, in the understanding of Internet marketing on brand chain enterprises more active, such as KFC has built APP and the number of users ranked in the top three of the class APP delicacy; other small and medium-sized enterprises mostly on how WeChat marketing stage, obvious gap.

3, WeChat marketing >

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