July 17

Laugh and see the wind and the clouds so that the site invincible

the Internet Storm gradually becomes stable, not just started so fast, after this ordeal, many webmaster site unfortunately was closed, and then moved to it, the storm brought us more grassroots webmaster is endless pain, climb up the fall to go, but we have to from the storm high school will face "storm", summarize the experience and lessons, this will in an invincible position in the Internet storm.

1, can’t forget to back up the web site database

webmasters have no backup database used, may think what’s the big deal, but the storm of this network, you must have many webmaster to eat "backup" site loss, experience tells us that many sites have died of security problems, and is linked to the horse is very headache is black the problem, however, so we regularly back up the database, then we can in the shortest time, let the site back to life.

2, inconsistent content should be resisted by

The network storm

this is largely "anti pornography", now on the web content management tends to be strict, related to copyright, edge, sensitive keyword content, we must pay attention to, "pornographic and violent content" is not feasible, this kind of website to you without consulting. Some owners believe that this transfer of information to foreign countries there is no problem, you are wrong, like BlueHost, hostmonster, HostEase and a number of U.S. virtual host user agreement are expressly prohibited placing pornographic content, even recently launched Chinese station ixwebhosting host in their official Chinese station users on the http://s.cn.ixwebhosting.com protocol write the prohibition of placing pornographic content, harmonious society should have a harmonious, harmonious not only to resist and keep away from.

3, inconsistent advertising content should be discarded

website is not harmonious we need to resist, but not for the harmony of the advertising content, webmasters may also need to pay more attention to the Internet, after the storm, I believe adult category advertising will be a lot less, if you want to develop the website, for these tend to be the edge of an advertisement, ask you to reject it. Although it can bring you good advertising costs, but its harm is very large, and will give people a professional feeling, which is not conducive to the development of your site.

4, don’t buy garbage hosts

the Internet Storm, most sites are largely from the space of hand, so buy space, do not buy the "high quality and inexpensive" host to cheaper, "no good cheap goods, no good goods cheaper," this problem, especially in China, such as the host more attention should be paid to, otherwise, when your site will die miserable, besides, and others do not flat-share host, there is a lot of people to buy the foreign host segmentation, then, for >

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