July 17

Meituan Zhao joined local time to group purchase website

saw a post at the Pizhou forum this evening. The name of the post is "the United States Mission Network Pizhou station salary 10000 months – Recruitment Sales Manager, sales assistant", we all know that the United States Mission network is the boss of the group buying site, and people buy all like to use the United States mission. Although we in Pizhou have several group purchase website, but if the United States really have Pizhou substation, even the tiger that several other group purchase websites in Pizhou time is not far away.

beauty group recruit local sales manager and assistant rich

, according to the recruitment manager’s postings from the boss of the Pizhou sub station in Pizhou, USA, was treated very well. But we only five social insurance and one housing fund in Pizhou some large enterprises and companies to pay. Visible, the strength of the U. S. mission is so strong.

US mission network began recruiting local sub station franchisee

American mission network in the end is what kind of operation mode, I do not understand. Shao Lianhu has always thought that the United States Mission network is their own company’s staff to operate, and only need to pick up some of the online business business on it. If you know the United States can join the local sub station, I will certainly join. The strength of the United States Mission Network needless to say, we all know. And I am also a very fond of group buying, often with the United States group to buy some KTV, food and so on. And some of Pizhou’s other group buying sites do not feel like the United States Mission network, so for group buying, I’m only in the United States group. Today, the U. S. mission began to recruit local sub station franchisee. For other local buying sites, I think it was the biggest blow. They put so much manpower, funds to expand business, is likely to be taken away by the U.S. mission network. After all, the influence of the American regiment is really too great. Then, the development of local other group buying website is very difficult.

, here comes the other group buying site. Is it life or death?

can say there are many places to buy. Although the United States is so famous. Mainly local people, the development of group buying business is more convenient. So, a lot of place sees the profit that buys a website, each place buys a website to rise from bee. Of course, there are good, there are bad. But, for the brand of group buying website, and strength, technical respect, they can not compare with American group. If you have a local sub station, I think the other group buying station is really bad management. But there is nothing absolute. After all, the locals do not have local relatives, mainly depends on your group buying site, there are no reasons to retain users. In short, we must think of a way. It’s hard to die until the American team comes.

America has quietly entered the local station, and probably a lot of people still don’t know. In fact, this is nothing surprising, such development is as soon as possible, after all, the national market so much, it is impossible to wait for those who have only the company to develop. The development of localized group buying websites is conducive to better development of business. What to say, everything goes with the flow. The United States mission has come, we welcome, even Tiger Network believes that the United States have a local sub station, the product will also become more and more rich, will also be

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