July 17

Discussion on soft culture construction of talent network

said the development of talent network in recent years, the momentum is more Mengjin, of course including the prestigious leader in the internet. For example, Zhaopin, 58 city in general, these sites in the construction process, in addition to the SEO website optimization, in soft culture marketing has also made great achievements. With the use of various marketing methods on the SEO website, the "soft culture" contributes more and more to the mainstream marketing mode, which is called "soft culture marketing". Therefore, many SEOER in the talent network SEO optimization, also gradually pay attention to soft culture promotion marketing, in order to carry on the powerful propaganda and promotion to the enterprise. Then, how should the soft culture of talent network be built?

1, grasp the current hot

in the global change rapidly today, always in constant change, for people concerned about current affairs and the curious psychology will keep watching the dynamic development of the whole world, and the development of the Internet that provides people with an understanding of world affairs important way. So SEOER in soft culture construction must first grasp the hot politics, in the talent online timely release the current news related to the news or entertainment gossips, for example in NPC and CPPCC period, many people are very concerned about all the contents of the motion value, so you can scroll on the site at the same time that will attract NPC and CPPCC dynamically. Many of the users, improve the user and media attention, to a certain extent, but also increase their exposure to meet the purpose of soft cultural construction. And it is worth noting that the release time must be in time, before the release of other sites to seize the initiative, not only will improve the rankings of the site, but also bring unexpected results for talent networks.

2, accurate positioning of user value requirements

different user’s value pursuit is not the same, like "one thousand readers, there is the same as the one thousand Hamlet", at this time as a talent network SEOER will be accurate positioning value needs between different users, and then determine the center to grasp the theme of the website of soft culture, and the theme is is the final demand of users. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of evaluating, predicting and analyzing user requirements. In addition to the soft culture in the manuscript to rigorous checks, we know a good article in forms but also full of content, but the website articles and literary articles or be quite different, the user of this group is not the same as compared with the ordinary readers. The user does not like the ordinary readers carefully read every article, they only take the effective reading or title articles to obtain distinct information effectively, then contribute soft culture we have pay more attention in this aspect, try to use some new in order to be different title, content to the user is not concise and comprehensive, after all spend so much time in a long article, saving time and effort they want. The same with implantable advertising articles, the content should pay attention to the overall nature of the line, do not allow users to repel.

3, the appropriate use of interactive platform "

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