July 17

Give a group friend a piece of advice

did not find a job after graduation from the University, and entered the ranks of the webmaster, but I was not alone. We and the university schoolmate altogether five people have got a work room, forms a team, uses our common hobby to do the website.

, 5 people, 5 computers, 5 common hobbies, 5 well connected friends, 5 shared ideals, in our rented house called Utopia, running to the dream together. Happily, there are two girls in the team, two girls every day, noisy, but also very comfortable. But I did not expect this to be our most unfortunate place.

we began to study the domestic Daniel TV game website (our hobby is not online games), some have found it simply the direction, this is a piece of the Red Sea, then listen to Ma’s speech, said that when the competitors, must think of how to make up for him to stand firm, and he hit. Suddenly, they begin to pay attention to what they don’t have.

5 people found that there was a breakthrough in the video. Some friends said he surfed the Internet, watched video games, and went to Youku or potatoes. But we think they are these large sites although cattle, but in the video game that is really not very professional, I bet youku.com section of the game editor is certainly not our professional, they may also be large and did not see this piece of the market. But the domestic TGBUS is really good.

has a hog game and video game bus V channel on TV games, but it’s not surprising that any market is divided by several markets, and then we decide to do it. At the beginning we rented a virtual PHP space, not what experience, every two or three days a problem. Later, the big guy together, each took 1000 pieces, 5000 dollars in the United States orange leased a year rental server.

so Master www.youxidr.com game started, we started doing is really fierce, with the bokecc program, a total of more than eight thousand pieces of video, the forum started, every day promotion and development direction of the major study, and what the technology.


team began to appear bad factor, the two women also love the Group Captain (say like the TV Series), I ask which one end love Group Captain, he said I would not choose any one, another will be selected to go, I don’t want anyone to leave group team. I think it makes sense.

is a team if there is disharmony things, the strength of the team will be greatly weakened, at this time, another man’s parents to find a good job, the heart is also a bit in the above. When he left, everyone drank a lot of wine. The more a man drinks, the more he feels better, and a woman drinks differently. The two girls in the team don’t talk to each other. This is a strong danger signal. I feel the team is at an end.


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