July 17

Classified information sites rumors shrouded burn and buy non life saving straw

58 city, Ganji, the two domestic classified information website big brother, now somewhat similar. 58, please Yang Mi endorsement, and market nets since last year to find Chen Yao endorsement, but also because "drive donkey nets" event, a lively. Recently, the two websites have been shrouded in rumors. Go to the market in the 58 city collapse suspicions, have been exposed to huge losses. Although the two sites are publicly denied. However, the overall slump in buy site, a number of buy site closure of the electricity supplier in the winter, the two have been involved in the field of buying, hoping to open a breakthrough in the classification of information sites are also shrouded in shadow." "Burn money" has been difficult to maintain its business model.

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, "58 city crash" soon, last year, 58 of the total income of $40 million, the number of employees to 7000 people, the overall expenditure of $110 million, in 2011, 58 city loss of $70 million throughout the year. Its previously completed A, B, and C round of financing money has been spent in 7 and August last year. At present, 58 city accounts only 30 million dollars, and its monthly loss of about 40 million yuan, the company can only maintain operations for 4 months." Recently, such a statement has become the content of various media coverage. 58 city will be funding strand breaks, the collapse of the statement has become a major forum, micro-blog users and the industry hot topic of discussion. A netizen in Yao Jinbo "post" is the industry rumors, the scene within posted the insider’s tone, facts and data, has revealed the truth, it is copying the point. In the "ten questions" in the article, including the financing and question the data loss, but the disclosure of illegal workers out of 58 city shady — "58 whether or not to most of the sales staff on insurance and provident fund? I heard a year can save thirty million yuan from


and have more reliable news revealed: "more than 58 employees before the city has illegal employee behavior complaints, Beijing Social Security Bureau, labor inspection department and other related departments are involved in the investigation."." 58 city founder and CEO Yao Jinbo in March 25th responded that: some people exaggerate the negative impact of electricity supplier 58 city, a serious loss of claims, the company is about to profit. But Yao Jinbo explained slightly lightly, there seems to be no evade the crucial point of the suspects, can give more convincing data to make people believe the rumors are false.

for 58 city questioned more from its group buying business beyond the means. Earlier this year, "buy two times shuffle" argument has begun to spread. And recently, Bao Bao network foot events also make the industry difficult to maintain confidence in the group. Buy called low threshold industry, easy to enter difficult out. Since the beginning of 10 years, "group buying storm", there have been thousands of buy site. As classified information industry leader, 58 city naturally won’t miss this opportunity to open up the market. However, the group buying website has already begun to differentiate, and the second echelon is facing enormous development problems

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