July 17

Day P40 million portal site it is better to do a APP

for the website, many friends are really strange now. More users only know APP and don’t know the website (is it true?). Especially for the enterprises is underestimate the value of the site. Guardian Yuan Kun in a self media group saw a day IP40 million portal, friends say the portal site is inferior to a APP.


may be the rapid development of mobile Internet, so that many PC web site’s light has been covered up, especially the website has been neglected. Although as of June 2016, China’s total number of domain names increased to 36 million 980 thousand, the total number of sites reached 4 million 540 thousand, but the personal webmaster circle basically has rarely been mentioned. In particular, the current mobile Internet APP, from the rapid development of the media platform, so that most friends forget the value of the site itself.

Baidu does not agree with the so-called Baidu weight, but most webmaster friends still value the webmaster’s home and love station given weight, through the estimated flow to determine the weight. We know that webmaster tools give 200000-999999 estimated flow of Web site weight is 8. A web site IP40 million, weight 8 of the site is really not as good as a APP,


said that although now APP is very popular, but the real popular APP how many, how many friends can tell the activity before the top 10 APP mobile phone? We also have what APP? In addition to conventional QQ, WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, installed mobile phone unfamiliar street, micro-blog, Tencent, YY video today’s headlines, quite good.

One of the problems that

needs to remind is that most websites have stable user base and have a core user base. Although it seems less than APP traffic, but relatively speaking, traffic more accurate.

whether it is portal or, or some vertical sites, industry enterprise web site, we are targeted at specific user base, the site can take its own traffic. The value of the website itself is relatively high. The rapid development of mobile Internet, the site itself has more or less established a mobile version, but also opened its own media platform.


We look at the so-called

APP, although the number of user tools including QQ, WeChat and Alipay, the number of monthly active is amazing, but hundreds of millions of other APP products, the real number of the number of daily active. And how much is the flow, how much is the fake traffic? A few days ago, the public V appeared naked you remember


engaged in Internet work colleagues should know the news a few days ago, the webmaster’s home will log on three new board, the valuation of 50 million, and last year’s profit reached 12 million 279 thousand and 600 yuan. This data is that the site really too conservative? And we are at a loss from the media platform, the APP value is too large ?

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