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as the world’s leading community news and social networking site, Reddit has 730 million independent users in 2013, 56 billion PV, users in 186 countries around the world. With such a huge user base and traffic, many people may think that their community management team must be very large. But surprisingly, the team is still in single digits, so how did Reddit do it? Reddit general manager and former community administrator Erik Martin shared its operational management experience. Follow the I black horse.  

one, always stare at the time,

the important thing is not to spend time on minority groups of users, even if their voices are the loudest."

"when people feel that things are not moving in their favor, they express their dissatisfaction in an unconventional way."."

The so-called

Tastes differ all tastes. we can not do everything, everything, there is a conflict also can hardly be avoided. The community is like a customer service center. We can’t be "good guys" and try to please all users. What we are doing is trying. Especially for the user interface changes caused by constant complaints, and other issues, we must learn to use the micro operation to ensure that the community working in the right way. So, what is micro manipulation,


1. always be friendly and courteous, regardless of the size of the community.

demonstrates the user-friendly design of a product or service by means of a wealth of communication. We should accept and improve good intentions.

2. quick response.

this is not to ask us to answer all the questions, but to do well the knowledge base management and feedback information base management according to the commonness and characteristics of the customers’ questions. For example, help center, FAQ, or configure a moderator for the community as Reddit does. We can also according to the actual situation, choose to open more channels of communication.

3. resonates.

don’t point out the user’s mistakes or funny actions directly. We need to shift thinking and communicate with the user and let them know that we can understand them. Remember, listening is the most powerful generator of vibes.

"sometimes people just want someone on the other side to listen to them."."

so "people first" is the first rule of the Reddit etiquette code. So we should consider the issue of the interests of the majority and not spend too much time on someone’s discussion group. We should watch our time to do things.

two, try a bird’s eye view

"every day I try to discover something new from Reddit."."

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