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Experience sharing tomato garden hung Lei and friends on the forum to promote profit chat recording


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Windows XP version of the tomato garden author Hong Lei (Sina pictures)

broke the record of Zheng Zhaohui and Hong Lei talking in Suzhou,


technology news on August 21st news, Sina Technology 20, exclusive access to a tomato garden version of Windows XP author Hong Lei and friends two years ago chat recording, in which Hong Lei talked about the history and development of tomato garden, detailed analysis of the tomato garden rely on rogue software bundled earning more than 10 yuan profit model, and disclosure many insider modified version of the XP operating system industry.

Sina 20 exclusive disclosure arrested Hong Lei reported in the software industry, PC industry and other areas of the Internet caused a great disturbance. 20 afternoon, Hong Lei’s friend Zheng Zhaohui to Sina Technology exclusive provides a period of he and Hong Lei chat recording. This recording was recorded in September 2006, with a length of 27 minutes. Zheng Zhaohui said, this recording is originally used for his first World Wide Web (Beijing China business network technology company) internal communication study, now Hong Lei encounter difficulties, he is willing to unveil it exclusive Sina technology.

in accordance with the laws of our country, without permission to modify other people’s software, if not for profit, conviction is more difficult. In their copyright statement on the website, the tomato garden also says they do not offer any CDs for sale and are free for users to download. Some users for Hong Lei innocence, just feel the tomato garden Pirates of the "scapegoat", he did not profit from it. Used the tomato garden users have found that his operating system bundled with eBay and YAHOO plug-in assistant, but whether he benefited not jump to conclusions.

This recording

learned exclusively in Sina Technology, Hong Lei disclosed his own, so he monthly profit of more than 10 yuan, and he knows "to let Microsoft know you in the use of the money, he will find you".

Hong Lei said in the recording material, the tomato garden in 2006 profit model has three kinds: one, the tomato garden website click advertising; two, including Hong Lei XP, landscaping package software downloads through its own website, the software bundled with the rogue software, so Hong Lei monthly profit of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan; three, through in the pre tomato garden version of the rogue software, for advertisers to flow or registered users, the monthly profit of more than 10 yuan.

it is worth noting that this recording took place in September 2006 and has been around for almost two years. For the Internet industry for two years to change, and clean up the crusade against rogue software, such as the outbreak of the later so the two people mentioned in conversation does not represent the tomato garden status, such as his income may have not.

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