July 17

Do a useful website for others Baidu will come back naturally

station has been more than two years, just before the Forum on understanding on the discuz operation after more than two years of training has become more familiar, but for the webmaster business a forum to spend energy is indeed a lot, which is why many owners give up one of the important reasons of the forum, the Forum also make no effort what money, and sometimes assume the risk is relatively large, because after all, is an interactive communication platform, lack of supervision, some illegal information is easy to come. Think about the time you used to promote your own forums. A series of activities such as sending leaflets, playing banners and sending telephone cards have increased the number of members, and the volume of postings in the forum has also increased considerably. But because of the time limitations of positioning, so that the scale of this forum always do not have time to do, this forum is a passion, did not expect the subsequent many unexpected things, so naturally want to transfer their energy to other sites.

a chance, in the Admin5 trading area saw someone selling data message is about mobile phone resources, then they also did not think too much, just like the mobile phone industry there is much room for development in the future, but he sold the data is not expensive, I bought a copy. Wanted to buy the domain name even later, because of financial reasons, or to register a domain name, the domain name but still very love, because the domain name, before he also wrote a very soft soft Wen propaganda to write very bad, ha ha.

is due to new data, and the seller to a lot of people are selling the data, the original data domain joint sold to another buyer, the other buyers for this data based on the website, and the seller in the early publicity of the entire station than there is definitely a big disadvantage, because these data are collected before the search engine to the seller for the first sale website. So far, I have some of the rankings on the site after the original domain name. Next time, I found a lot of being included in the search engine website is based on this set of data, which indicates that this set of data has been sold very well, at that time the people do not get this data in a few, a lot of people to get treatment data and I is the same, is to register a domain name directly linked to the Internet for search engines to crawl. As you all know, this approach is very dangerous, the same data is easily identified by Baidu, followed by default on your website is plagiarism, or give you the right to drop or direct K station. I registered COOSKIN is Baidu K, of course, is not entirely because of this reason, is also the time of their technology is not solid, when binding domain out some should not make mistakes, resulting in the capture of Baidu first started on the wrong later, after more than a week, the Baidu will no longer come to me the station was included, only Google has been on the increase.

that time almost also want to give up this site, because by Baidu K stand, and originality content is so little stop, defrost >

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