July 17

As the webmaster want to succeed first choice to advance with the times perfect self

shuyujingerfengbuzhi, Baidu webmaster circles are facing another round of combination of boxing, struggling to cope, in a statement after another, many webmaster unconsciously have drift. Is Baidu too strong? Yes, neither. Maybe everyone should know, Baidu’s core: user experience is not a talk, this is its foothold as the largest Chinese search engine. Then, do not go to self entanglement, understand the core, we have a direction.

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February 19th Baidu Scindapsus aureus on-line


4.25, Baidu Adsense institute first article Lee talk about the chain

live at the chain, with a large number of sites crashed sacked, some people worry about joy. Complaining that they worked hard to stand, how to be down the right? Glad to rejoice, their efforts have finally been due return. Xiao Bian seems, there are a few happy, there are several worries. At the same time recalling the 628 events last year, Baidu’s frequent adjustment, no one is cheating on the outside of the chain. Based on this, Xiao Bian also thought a lot. Once a friend to go to the interview site optimization work, the interview is to ask your supervisor directly, how many of the chain resources? Can do the anchor text? Hyperlink or text? How many websites? Friends with small complaining back, in fact, from the company’s foothold can be seen, purely by with the chain ranking, the director asked every question, all within Baidu’s muzzle, is he really afraid of? Estimated that a large number of Web site is down right, when a language, do not know what is really wrong.

is it true that you can’t do the chain? Obviously not. Please read the above announcement carefully and find out the key words: true recommendation. Know the intention to carry out the construction of the chain is not very difficult, Xiao Bian think, first check your site is added to the "share" button, which is the source of the chain of the most natural and true, and then go to the B2B website, some well-known forum, classified information information publishing company profile or the product, these are real in the chain, the chain is a kind of benign channel construction. The chain of the kind of cry up wine and sell vinegar is not it, what is more, cry up wine and sell vinegar does not say, but also engage in a point to the anchor text, it is simply irrelevant answer website, how? Not to mention the Baidu is not willing, users will be willing to do? Well, Jinshan, QQ 360 will give you a risk warning.

as for the link, it does not need to say more, the attack on the friendship link is every search engine is doing. Once found, Baidu give you the right to drop, Google let you into the sandbox. Why? This naked anchor text point, seriously interfere with the normal search engine ranking algorithm, with human ascension, to attract traffic, not only is the search engine is not willing to, and the webmaster is not willing, but users are not willing to.

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