July 17

Talking about the writing skills of soft text dedicated to the rookie without guidance

in the Internet industry, soft writing has been in this area for some time, and recently several articles have been included in large numbers. In addition to publishing channels are relatively good. It also sums up some of the real experience. When I first wrote it, I checked it on the Internet for a long time without any knowledge. At that time, if you have the opportunity to gain something, you must take it out and share it. Let new people who have just gone into the industry can develop more smoothly. So now, after a bit of accumulation, I want to share it with my fellow citizens. I hope everyone will work hard and refuel. I used to do the traditional industry market work, and now switch to the Internet industry, is to see the future of this industry. More critical is the development of Internet technology, so I deeply feel that the traditional line of marketing promotion will be a large part of the internet.

early into the industry is planning and soft this piece, because a phased marketing plan will be a team of content generation, activities, organizations, media channels, soft Wen speculation in many aspects of the work. In view of manpower problems, the author has the opportunity to intervene. And the combination of the two will be able to combine more closely, their own design and planning program, grab their own hot spots, and write their own matching soft text.

many people think writing soft text needs a good style of writing, in fact, it doesn’t seem right now. Soft text itself can also be seen as a small plan, the equivalent of you planning their own thinking. A soft text, there are at least 3 aspects of information combinations:

, first of all, the product information you want to promote, this is very important. And the writer himself needs to know the product information function well. This facilitates the production of divergent thinking. Otherwise, the author’s mind, such as library rich knowledge, simply can not play. There is nothing more fascinating about the article.

when you can enter the topic of product have ready plans to meet a situation, stage. You may say that the topic is chosen. Can I still get rid of product information? Yes, I need to get out of it. Because we are generally as Bush does not like some of the Internet companies in the name of itself has become a hot spot. The products we may have on hand are new and unknown. How to do it? Don’t be afraid to remember what Feng Lun boss said: "walk the fat horse, walk the right way, learn advanced.". Yes, planning thinking is needed here. We should make a plan of thinking, hot words, hot events in search of tank.

here to say more, as a soft Wen writer, need to pay attention to news, information and fashion information. These are natural public hot spots. Here again off, on the spot, friends should remember a word: love is an eternal topic. In addition, when you find hot spots, you can try to search the hot words, and then pay attention to the search page below, there is a row of Baidu hot words". Choose one of them, of course, by the vocabulary of the front. Take this hot word as the title or more in the content. This will make your article and the majority of Internet users search related, your article exposure rate will be greater.

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