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what can I say? I venture that simple, it is very difficult. The meeting is not difficult, and the difficult one will not. The key is to see how to grasp and practice.

What is not

as the foundation, to lay a poor and blank background, a piece of heaven and earth. First of all, you have to be very courageous. Each opportunity for each person only once, when the opportunity to your side, see if you can hold, but also to take good hold. The greatest function of opportunity; efficacy. Opportunities are for those who are prepared, not for those who do not prepare, for not for anyone. Opportunity is so cruel, that’s the way it is.

Forewarned is forearmed". If you want to start a business, you must have a plan for your life. Many people feel that the plan is empty talk, even if it is empty talk, but also an empty talk about the plan. Even if it is a very vague conceptual plan, there must be one. A rough plan. When doing so, it will be invisible to such a goal, efforts, force will be in one direction. No, in the end, think back, nothing was done, life left an amazing blank. And the time has passed by so little that it has been wasted. Because there is a broad (we are talking about the general, not very specific plan goals) goals, we will be a little closer to this goal, a little bit to change their status quo. Every little change is a kind of progress; every little progress is a success.

chooses that line, that industry is very important. As the saying goes: "afraid of marrying the wrong woman", "male afraid to enter the wrong line", this remark is not false. Because everyone has their own suitable industry, not every line for their own. Once I said to a can not find suitable for his work friends like this: when you don’t feel anything for you, no work can find suitable for you to do, it is no one wants you to work for him, work abandoned you, then you should is to be your own boss, do things on your own, you work for yourself, because you are now beginning to be decreed by fate to be your own boss, working for yourself. Being out of the way means the depth of your own business. But what can be done? What kind of industry will be created? We must make a good choice. "Do not be good, small and not for", we change things, "do not take small things but not for", do not sweep a house, why sweep the world, down-to-earth, is very important. Many people tend to overestimate their dreams, is a kind of vanity blinds, unable to correct positioning of their own, but not the correct choice of his career. In fact, there is no road at foot, many people will become a road. In fact, there is no road, you go, there is a road." Open another window in front of yourself, and open another door in your heart." The business is at your feet, right in front of you. The question is, have you taken your steps? Have you opened your eyes yet?


someday you’ll find out what you can do

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