July 17

These years do foreign Wangzhuan experience

began to do Affiliate advertising projects abroad in June 05, and the entry time should not be too early. From June 05 to December 05, I was still in the learning and learning stage, because I am not too hard, so my monthly income is hovering in the hundreds of dollars. Of course, I also have in mind, which is constantly testing toilets, their ideas verified constantly, of course most of them proved to be useless, but the success of a few, later proved to greatly enhance my income, so I think that here is that creative thinking is the only factor the most important.

in the second half of the 05 year, I was trying to do 3 things besides online Affiliate advertising. First things were Google Voucher, or I said Google coupons. More people know something. In fact, Google in 04 years began to have this thing, then I do Affiliate advertising when I come into contact with Google Voucher, then I use Google a lot of information, a lot of people on the eBay query in the sale of Google Voucher/Coupon. I was the first feeling is that the opportunity has come. Over the years, my online experience tells me that moneymaking opportunities are productive and that if you wait and don’t act immediately, you’ll miss the boat.

how exactly did I make use of this Google Voucher to make money? Here, I don’t want to reveal it. Thanks for being able to put up with my text, I’m here to see my friends. In fact, when Google in the free online application Google coupons can be several sites, these sites on your Google Voucher Coupon Google through the query keyword can be collected, one of the foreign friends blog has a good collection of them, you can easily search to this blog by Google.

was best known for a 50 Australian dollar coupon in the second half of the year, with 50 more euros, 20 pounds and 4000 Swedish kronor, 05 of the more common. It’s easy to apply. Fill in a mailbox and personal information, but not immediately. You’ll need to wait 3 or 5 days. If successful, Google will send the coupon to your mailbox.

I was in this way for different e-mail for many electronic coupons, the electronic coupons on the eBay easy to sell a $8-20 / (according to different denominations), which brought me eight thousand dollars in a few months. By the end of 05, the rate of success in applying for coupons was getting lower and the price on eBay was getting lower and lower, and I realized that the prime time to do Google Voucher was over for the time being.


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