July 24

Through keyword settings to increase the number of web pages included

pages from the search included weight, title and description than keyword search included, in line with the premise, the first two elements of the appearance rate is higher, so the keywords played a what kind of role, elaborate personal views of


in the release site information, why to optimize the weight of the inside pages will be higher than the home page, not good or the home page ranking, but the inside pages of the rankings but there will be good results, on this point, I think it is the inside pages of information is simple, specific, the content of the high density, long tail keywords used and when the page optimization is generally not very fierce competition, as long as the page layout is reasonable, can get good rankings, but the duration is not long, not like the home page ranking effect. This is also an important strategy in the optimization, through the optimization of the page to achieve good promotion effect,


to do more FRP key words, the home page using FRP main keywords, two page using glass fiber reinforced steel materials and other adverbs, internal use of glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturers.. For example, the three level word is easier and easier, and the key word is set as a single and only long tail word, which can be realized by the density of the word appearing in the content and the index list of the related articles. And a key set is more likely to be search included, all the content of the article is concentrated, the site of professional degree is higher, the content of concentration is also higher, more convenient for users to find useful information to the search engine also shows the efficiency of the user experience, it is love!

this extension, can also be understood as how to do the content of the site, whether to remind the webmaster to do more practical, unified, fine station, not big and all, wide and wide.

this view does not deny the home page multi keyword settings, you need to take care of it! Good morning SMS network www.zaonn.com webmaster QQ 285392656 welcome exchanges, discuss

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