July 24

Tears expose website trading 5 major Scams

himself recently bought two websites, 1 IP3000, one ip1000, and the other side said that the price is only 1500 yuan. Ha-ha。 So I bought, and when the result of buying, a series of fraud appeared, I spent 2000 yuan to buy a website, and not a few days also fell to 800ip and 50ip respectively. I am now tearfully revealing the scam that the website trickster is selling. But the name of the liar I will not be published, once on the Admin5 was blocked, I do not blame him, blame yourself do not understand. I sold the station and I almost, I hope that he will do it, concentrate on the station. Do well。 Well, what I am doing now is that I hope to get rid of the commonly used scams and hope that later generations will be cheated less.

scam 1: domain name space expired, after transfer, you have to dig 500 yuan to 2 sites to buy space to buy domain names.

scam two: before the transfer, the liar in all domain names are bound second, third domain names. The dog’s day. Deceive us new webmaster, after the binding of the other domain, because of your own website for renewals. Your site unknowingly transfers weight to other websites. This super dog. For example, I bought the website www.qqmkw.com and www.fzl09.com have been bound by that person to other domain names, and to 1 weeks later, I bought a website, IP became several hundred, I found that he did not say.

scam three: transfer to your site inside the more than 70 exchange chain, there is a large part of his own website, many will be Baidu pull hair, the man said to sell my website, you dare to move? Move out more ip. I carefully analyzed under, my website connection exchange chain, the fuck has more than 30, is Baidu plucked the wool. I really can’t swallow this tone, but I know a little about myself, SEO, changed to a frame set.

scam four: my website is made by new cloud cms. The man who sold me built a label inside the template, inserted the tag into the home page, and then put the code inside his tag to his other site. Or Java?. New loss, I optimize the home page when the dreamwear was found inside, so you buy after the station should also carefully check ah.

51yes: we believe that five fraud should know is statistical software better recognized the statistical results, there should be no problem? Wrong, there There is much fineness in. So and so let me go to see, I will look at annual analysis, monthly analysis, the results seem to be good monthly traffic. But here, I want to introduce you to a serious question, you should carefully analyze the antecedents of each month statistics keyword. Just like my station, before due to roughly see the annual statistics and monthly statistics feel good, the results of his antecedents statistics are not now. In other words, it’s only recently done. A lot of them are instant. Hey. So, you read my article, do not learn, I am not careful ah. Especially the novice webmaster.

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